Public meeting set for new Rossland Range recreation site

Friends of the Rossland Range is hosting public meetings to hear peoples' concerns and ideas.

ROSSLAND – On Oct. 29, the Friends of the Rossland Range is hosting the first of two public meetings about the new Ministry of Forests Recreation Site in the high country between Red Mountain and the summit of Mount Crowe, to inform the community, hear people’s concerns and ideas, and begin working on the management plan we must create for the site.

The meeting will look first at the Recreation Site as a whole, its value, its uses, and its potential problems, and then consider more detailed issues such as access and parking, huts, outhouses, signage, education and environmental protection – always within the big picture.

For many people, a concern will be the future of the chain of day-use huts around Nancy Greene Summit.  The meeting will be a place for the public to hear the Forest Service’s position on the huts, and to propose ways in which the huts can continue to be an important feature of recreation in the Rec. Site.

The meeting will be workshop-style, with opportunities to hear information, discuss issues in small groups, and record and present conclusions.  Comments and outcomes from the meeting will become a written report for consideration by the Forest Service and the Friends of the Rossland Range.

A follow-up meeting is scheduled for Dec. 3. The second meeting will build on the results of the Oct. 29 meeting and the responses to the report of the October 29 meeting.

In the past, the community has engaged very significantly in meetings leading to the creation of the Recreation Site.  The meeting on Oct. 29 is one more crucial step.

For more information, please contact Les Carter, meeting facilitator, at 250-362-5677,