(Sheri Regnier photo)

(Sheri Regnier photo)

Rainbow Pride Sidewalk brightens downtown Trail

The Rainbow Pride Sidewalk is located nearby the library/museum

Trail is much brighter with the city’s first Rainbow Pride Crosswalk that was painted near the Riverfront Centre, and close to the rainbow garden in Jubilee Park, on Wednesday.

Addison Oberg, from the Trail Pride Committee, began fundraising last year, and completed her goal to have the Pride crosswalk painted by spring.

There will be a small celebration to recognize all the sponsors on June 14.

“Trail Pride and the City of Trail is installing a Rainbow Pride crosswalk downtown Trail and every cent raised will go towards the road work, labour, material cost, and future repairs of the crosswalk,” Addison explained in her fundraising call last year.

“Trail, British Columbia is famous for its hockey, smelter and beautiful river. We would love to see a Pride Crosswalk in Trail simply because we want our community to seen as welcoming and accepting,” she said.

“To have such a public, permanent testament to that idea could help us to be more aware of those in our community and show that even in a relatively small city like Trail, everyone is welcome.”

The City of Trail has generously offered to assist with the funding, said Addison.

“Overall, this project is one that would greatly improve the image of Trail as a progressive and welcoming community. Members of the LGBTQ+ and other minorities live, work, love and grow in this city. I believe that for Trail to be seen as a safe place for all will make this investment worthwhile.”