Rainy days wrap up very warm October

The past month was the warmest October on record in 35 years.

The past month was the warmest October on record in 35 years.

Local forecast Ron Lakeman says the mean temperature during the month was 10.4 degrees which is almost one degree higher the previously recorded variable, 9.9 C, in 1979.

October began with sunny skies and warm temperatures that peaked at 23.5 C on the afternoon of Oct. 10, but didn’t near the month’s all-time high, 27 C, recorded back in 1980.

Mid-month unsettled Pacific fronts brought rain, and at times, a lot of it.

The most significant system doused the area in 45 per cent of the month total on Oct. 22, with the heavier rain falling during the night.

“This is the new one-day greatest rainfall during the month of October,” Lakeman added.

Overall, almost double the usual downpour was recorded by Oct. 31, measuring 90 millimetres (mm) compared to the month’s typical rainfall of 49 mm.

No snow was noted locally, but a below zero temperature brought frost during the early morning of Oct. 27.

Growing degree days (GDD) are considerably higher than what’s typical for this time of year. GDD are a measure of heat accumulation used by horticulturists, gardeners, and farmers to predict plant and animal development rates such as the date that a flower will bloom, a crop will reach maturity or a turkey is ready for the roasting pan.