North south vulnerable

North south vulnerable

Reviewing hand from sectional

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Today, I will take a break from the beginner bridge columns and discuss a hand that happened last year in Swiss teams of the Trail summer sectional. This bridge tournament is just around the corner this July 5th to 7th. See my web site for more information.

The bidding: North opens the bidding with her 16 points one heart. East has a seven card club suit, but is too strong to preempt. He has a six-loser hand and a four-card major. He is quiet and waits to see how the bidding develops. South with more than 10 points and five diamonds makes a two diamond overcall. North, with a good 16 points would normally jump to three hearts, inviting partner to game. However, she does not know the value of the singleton king and she cannot count shortness points until she knows they have a golden eight-card fit.

East overcalls a safe three clubs alerting West to the possibility of a sacrifice in clubs. It could be suicide to bid five clubs without knowing how his hand fits with partner’s hand. He does not want to find out by hearing a double.

Instead, he makes a low level overcall showing a long suit. West, with his singleton club, stays out of the auction.

South now asks North for keycards. He finds out that partner has two keycards in hearts with the queen. He has all the keycards and the queen of hearts so he automatically tells partner this by asking for kings.

He finds out that partner has two kings. Let us count the tricks. There are two spades, six hearts (partner rebid them), 5 diamonds and two clubs.

South has fifteen tricks in two hands of thirteen cards. He bids 7NT.

He does not try seven hearts because East will lead a club and West may ruff. They have all the aces and kings which make only eight tricks, but there are seven more from diamonds and hearts.

The play: The dummy comes down, and declarer claims.

Result: 7NT making for +2220.


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