Salmo Valley Trails Society asking for input

The Society is inviting the community to attend a meeting at the Salmo Community Centre from 6:30 - 8:30pm to discuss potential projects.

All walks and rides of life may soon be enhanced in the Salmo Valley.

The Salmo Valley Trail Society formed earlier this month after the non-profit trail advocacy organization was allotted a $300 grant-in-aid by Salmo council to established its society status.

“The society has a mission to create, enhance and preserve great trail experiences around the communities of Salmo and Ymir,” said Lisa Tedesco, society member.

“And create a sense of community, which is a bonus.”

On Thursday, the society is inviting the community to attend a meeting at the Salmo Valley Youth and Community Centre from 6:30-8:30 p.m., to discuss potential projects and fundraising opportunities.

Although no specific plans have been formalized, the society is working with the village to develop a junior bike skills area in the Knights of Pythias Park.

“This is our first official project,” said Tedesco.

“Next is asking the community for input to pick other priority projects.”

Over time, the society is hoping to establish “something for everyone,” including easy walking trails, intermediate hiking and biking trails and long and short trails.

“In the long run we would like to see a range of non-motorized trail opportunities within and around Salmo and Ymir,” said Tedesco.

The society maintains that increased availability to walk, hike and bike in the summer; snowshoe and cross-country ski in the winter, is healthy for the Salmo area both physically and economically.

“We believe that joining our society will support community health and wellness for many years to come,” explained Tedesco. “And as trail networks develop, Salmo’s outdoor recreational opportunities may become an attraction all of their own,” she said.

“It will bring in tourism revenue and create a healthy economy.”

Although there isn’t a formal membership yet, the five founding directors hope to have at least 50 members by the end of the first year.

“We have already started and just want to keep momentum and progress moving forward,” said Tedesco.

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