With August temperatures keeping the Warfield Pool popular

With August temperatures keeping the Warfield Pool popular

School dispute may have ripple effect on pool

Warfield considering keeping pool open to the public if school start delayed

Summer traditionally ends for kids when school starts in September, but with talks between teachers and government ongoing, summer vacation may be here for a bit longer.

Kids are going to need something to do if classrooms remain empty on Tuesday, and Vince Morelli, chief administrative officer for the Village of Warfield, says the Warfield Pool may stay open past the annual scheduled close date, Aug. 31 – this coming Saturday.

Staff numbers will determine if kids and families will be swimming into September.

“It all depends on what we have for staff,” he said, adding that there are no concrete plans in place. “That is what we don’t know for sure yet. We have some lifeguards that are high school kids, so if they are going back, then the pool will have to shut down.”

Keeping the pool open, even if the strike keeps going, still depends on the number of certified staff who will be able to guard the pool.

“It will depend on the number of guards we have,” he said. “It’s all about safety. We’ll know what will happen (next week). We have to know what we have got for staff before we can make any decisions.”

In Rossland, the pool is already closed, and it is because of the same issue – student lifeguards.

“We actually closed (Tuesday),” said Robin Hethay with the recreation department in the City of Rossland.

“For us, it is just that our staff are almost primarily university or college students. They need to get where they are going and a lot of them don’t go to school locally.”

In Trail, the Aquatic Centre is currently close for renovations, but is scheduled to reopen on Sept. 7.