Seniors calendar a big hit in Beaver Valley

Seniors in the Beaver Valley have raised over $6,000 with their Old Hollywood-themed calendar.

Seniors in the Beaver Valley have raised over $6,000 with their Old Hollywood-themed calendar.

Back in October, volunteers got into costumes and recreated scenes from classic Hollywood movies, such as “Singin’ in the Rain,” “Casablanca” and “Grease” – a different movie for every month.

The photos were compiled into a 2015 calendar and sold to raise money for field trips and activities for the seniors.

The calendars raised $6,110.03 in total and although the money hasn’t been spent yet, Beaver Valley seniors are already looking forward to the next photo shoot they can volunteer for.

Fruitvale Mayor Patricia Cecchini has been hearing from the local seniors, wondering when they can pose for the 2016 calendar.

“We already have lots of people who want to volunteer,” she said, adding that a theme for the next project hasn’t been picked yet. “It will all be driven by the seniors and what they want. They are really eager to do it again.”

The final decision on theme will be left up to the participants, but Mayor Cecchini is hoping for something new in 2016.

“We haven’t had that discussion yet, but I am thinking we are going to have a new theme,” she said. “The committee will get together this month and we’ll figure it all out.”

As for spending the funds raised from this year’s calendar sales, Cecchini says the trips, activities and outings will all be planned by the seniors at the monthly luncheon and tea hosted at the Fruitvale Memorial Hall.

The fundraiser has garnered plenty of attention, bolstering a community feel in the Beaver Valley.

“It wasn’t only a great fundraiser, but it was great for the community and great for families in the area as well,” she said.

“It should be noted that we were able to raise that amount of funds due to the generosity of those that sponsored the production of the calendars.”

As of press time, there were only three calendars of the hundreds printed left for purchase. To inquire about buying one of the remaining calendars, call the Fruitvale Village office at 250-367-7551.