Sister Norma has served her calling for 60 years, 32 of those years in Trail. (Maureen Wiley photo)

Sister Norma has served her calling for 60 years, 32 of those years in Trail. (Maureen Wiley photo)

Sister Norma celebrates 60 years in her calling, 32 years in Trail

Sister Norma Gallant first came to Trail to teach at St. Michael’s Catholic School

After months of physical distancing due to the pandemic and summer now in full swing, Holy Trinity Parish is not letting a very special celebration go by without sending out the warmest of wishes.

Sister Norma Gallant – many simply know her as Sister Norma – has now served her calling for six decades, with more than half of those years, in Trail.

The Catholic congregation is saying a prayerful congratulations to Sister Norma and invites the community to do the same.

“It is with grateful hearts that we extend prayerful best wishes to Sister Norma as she celebrates her birthday and the 60th Anniversary of her Profession as a Sister in the Congregation of Notre Dame,” Maureen Wiley wrote in the parish’s end-of-June bulletin.

Sister Norma came to Trail in 1988 with the intention of spending one year of teaching at St. Michael’s Catholic School.

“It wasn’t long before God called Sister Norma from teaching into parish work and from there she did not look back over these past 32 years in Trail and area,” Wiley said.

“Sister Norma has so generously poured herself into loving service not only to this parish, but to the local parishes and communities of Trail and surrounding area, including service to the Diocese of Nelson on many levels.

“We are deeply grateful to Sister Norma for her guiding, loving, and educating presence among us,” Wiley shared.

“We are especially fortunate in realizing these 32 years are representative of the ‘better half’ of her 60 years professed! Thank you, Sister Norma. Happy Birthday and congratulations on 60 years well spent.”

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