North south vulnerable

North south vulnerable

SOS redouble

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A direct seat redouble shows 10+ points or the desire to play the doubled contract. When the person being doubled makes the redouble, it is a SOS redouble asking partner to bid his longest suit. You will be surprised how often the opponents will not double the new contract.

The bidding: North, with 13 high card points opens the bidding with one diamond. This is his better minor in length not strength. East with 14 high card points and shortness in diamonds makes a takeout double.

West, who wants to play one diamond doubled, passes. North redoubles asking South to bid his longest suit. This happens to be hearts. The opponents cannot double one heart and do not want to enter the auction so they let one heart pass out.

If South had redoubled, that would be showing 10+ points without a fit for diamonds. Any subsequent double is for penalties.

Once a takeout double has been passed for penalty, all subsequent doubles are also for penalty.

The contract: One heart by South

The opening lead: The ace and king of diamonds.

The play: West gives partner a diamond ruff. The defense will get two spades, three hearts, two diamonds and one club setting one heart by two.

The result: One heart down two for -200. They probably have company with others doing the same thing.

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