Kids gathered at the Trail and District Public Library for an afternoon activity

Kids gathered at the Trail and District Public Library for an afternoon activity

Summer reading class steps out of comfort zone

Karen Reader helped the Kid's Summer Reading Club at the Trail Library to step outside their comforts zones with stories and activities.

The Trail and District Public Library hosted a guest speaker at its Kid’s Summer Reading Club on Tuesday.

Karen Reader stopped by the library to help kids step out of their comfort zones with activities and stories.

“They (read) a book about a squirrel who is scared to leave his tree, and then he decides to leave in small baby steps,” said Reader, explaining that the story is meant to teach a lesson about venturing out into the unknown, but carefully.

“The book is about pushing out of the comfort zone and facing some of your fears. You never know, when you do it in baby steps, what is out there.”

To start off the activity portion of the afternoon event, Reader gave everyone a picture card and kids were asked to find the other participant with the matching card,  getting kids who may not normally partner up, together. Participants were asked to learn each other’s names and work together to find other cards depicting similar images.

This was just the beginning of the lesson Reader was trying to teach.

“They are cooperative games that get you to step out of your comfort zone,” she said. “Whether it is making eye contact or learning each other’s names, we just try to play together. We just want to play some games and get everyone involved by giving them tools to work together.”

The Summer Reading Program at the library hosts weekly activities and for more information, give the library a call at 364-1731.