Grade 11 student

Grade 11 student

Things are ‘ducky’ at the high school

J.L. Crowe students embrace duck project

The J.L. Crowe Secondary School science lab is echoing with the pitter patter of little duck feet this week.

Last Friday, Crowe teacher Colin Adamson went to Quack Me Up! farm and hatchery in Winlaw to pick up seven different species of ducklings for Crowe students to track and study.

He says the project is all about getting high school students to better understand their surroundings.

“I wanted to bring something into the school that would connect the kids with nature,” he said, adding that the students were very excited at the news of baby animals on campus and wanted to learn more. “The first day, the school was abuzz with seeing the ducklings. Then you get the questions and students are curious. There is a class that is weighing them and charting it and seeing how quickly they grow.”

It isn’t just science classes that will be following the ducklings to maturity. Art and home economics classes will also be learning through the ducks.

“Their eggs, and ducks lay eggs every day, will benefit the students and we will use them for cooking in home economics,” he said. “The art classes have been painting a mural on a coop. It is pretty spectacular. Hopefully everyone can learn as much as they can.

“What kid doesn’t like a baby duck? Or any baby animal. It has been so cool to watch tough guys in Grade 12 holding a duckling and loving it. It has been incredible. There are plenty of different classes involved and they all use the ducks differently.”

The week-old ducklings are currently indoors, but in a couple of short weeks, when they are old enough, they will be outside enjoying the sun and fresh air.

“In a week or two, they will be ready for integration into the garden,” said Adamson. “There is going to be a duck pond and an enclosure. They are living the duck life.”

The ducks will be a permanent fixture in the community garden run by Crowe students, and will even be back next September after their very own summer vacation at a farm.