Trail Times file photo

Trail Times file photo

Tight race at Trail Curling Rink

The rinks now shift focus to the next session of 10 games.

Going into the last game of the session with a one-point lead team Bruce Noble faced team Alvin Caron. If it was not for bad luck team Noble would have had no luck at all. Team Caron played well and capitalized on every opportunity. Make the final 9-2 after six ends.

Team Tom Hall, one point back of first place, faced team Dan Horan. Tied at one after two ends it was Team Hall that posted a four in the third end to break it open. The front end of the Hall team then went to work setting up each end. Team Horan had no answer as Hall stole the next three ends. Make the final 9–1 after six ends.

Team Forrest Drinnan came through with some key shots at critical times against a red-hot team Kevin Oliver. Any time Oliver had an end building, Drinnan countered. A steal fest for Drinnan in a 6–1 victory after six ends.

Teams Pat Fennell and Brett Rakuson were both playing cautiously, with Rakuson leading 3-1 after four ends. After taking a single in five, Fennell stole his way to the end of eight and posted a 5–3 victory.

Team Harvey Handley stole their way to a three shot lead after three ends against Team Dan Ashman. Ashman tied it at 3-3 after five ends, but Handley took a pair of deuces and a four-point lead into eight. Ashman could only manage a single and a 7–4 defeat.

Team Murray Walsh took a commanding lead in the first five ends against Team Serge Pasquali. Walsh then managed the score board for the last three ends for an 8–6 victory.

The rinks now shift focus to the next session of 10 games. At the conclusion, the respective winners of the season’s sessions advance to the playoffs March 18-20.

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