Trail Blazers: First Trail mayor and council

Photo: Trail Historical SocietyPhoto: Trail Historical Society
Mayor E.S. ToppingMayor E.S. Topping
G.A. McAnally, J.P. Byers, and J. DawsonG.A. McAnally, J.P. Byers, and J. Dawson
Noble Binns, A.E. Steele, W. FurnellNoble Binns, A.E. Steele, W. Furnell
Photo: Trail Historical SocietyPhoto: Trail Historical Society

With election day 24 hours away, this week’s Trail Blazers is featuring the inaugural mayor and first council to serve the citizens of Trail.

”2022 is a big year for municipal elections here in Trail and in our area,” begins Trail archivist Addison Oberg. “We are fortunate enough to have lots of choice this year as far as council elections go and congratulate all of the candidates on their hard work campaigning thus far.”

In 1901, Trail Creek Landing officially became the City of Trail and established its first municipal council.

On the council was G.A. McAnally, J.P. Byers, J. Dawson, Noble Binns, A.E. Steele and W. Furnell.

Mayor E.S. Topping was Trail’s first mayor, and one of the founding fathers of the city.

In 1902 however, he was replaced as mayor by Noble Binns, and Binns was replaced by James H. Schofield the following year, 1903.

“Here we are in 2022, looking back at a council from 121 years ago and wishing our new council the best of luck in this year’s election.” adds Oberg.

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