Trail Times photo dated Dec. 30, 1968. Photo: Trail Historical Society.

Trail Blazers: When life hands you snow …

Trail Blazers is a historical feature in partnership with the Trail Museum and Archives

This photo dating back 53 years to the day, reflects the Canadian version of what to do when life hands you lemons. Replace the citrus with a blizzard or two, and Debbie Van Tassel shows what to do when life hands you snow, snow and more snow.

You make a massive snowman, of course.

“About the only beneficiary of the current cold spell in December 1968 was this mammoth snowman constructed on Christmas Day by Debbie Van Tassel, her brother, sister and father,” the Trail Times wrote for its Dec. 30, 1968 edition. “The snowman was situated at 2055 McBride Street and showed few signs of wear and tear. Here, Debbie took the opportunity to straighten out a minor problem with apparel.”

The Van Tassel house used to sit at the bottom of McBride Street where the road meets the highway.

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