Trail Garden Contest 2015 Winners

Who took the top prizes for their green, gorgeous gardens?


Buena/Raymond Hughes 3330 Dahlia Crescent


1st Place Newly Established

Darcee O’Hearn 2451 McBride Ave

2nd Place Newly Established

Terry/Shirley Moon  2555 Albert Drive


1st place First Time Entry

Bev Morris 8512 Hwy 22A

2nd Place First Time Entry

Amanda Moretti 31 Hazelwood Dr


1st Place Container Garden

Toni Driutti  27 Hazelwood Drive

2nd Place Container Garden

Linda Scott  115 Lerose St


1st Place Whimsical

Gail Winters 710 Binns Street

2nd Place Whimsical

Lyn/Dave Sturgeon  1958 4th Ave


1st Place Edible

Paul/Kip Tracanelli 190 Reservoir Road

2nd Place Edible

Francesco Dattolo 1529 Main Street


1st Place Beds and Borders

Buena/Raymond Hughes 3330 Dahlia Crescent

2nd Place Beds and Borders

Alba/Mario Vellutini  2470 Albert Drive


1st Place Garden Architecture

Annette Gallatin


Children’s Garden

Edwin and EvaLynn Moretti

Taya Cox

Charlie O’Hearn Stone