A pair of kittens at the Trail SPCA sleep the day away during the dog days of summer.

A pair of kittens at the Trail SPCA sleep the day away during the dog days of summer.

Trail SPCA fosters out animals during heat wave

With rising temperatures, the SPCA is working hard to keep their animals cool and safe.

The Trail branch of the SPCA has fewer animals than they normally do, but it isn’t because they are being adopted. Some animals, like their rabbits, have been moved to foster homes because of the overwhelming heat in the facility.

With the temperature rising to the 30s this weekend and nearly 30 animals on site, the Trail Regional Branch of the SPCA is going to be working hard to keep their animals comfortable and cool.

“Our current facility isn’t air conditioned,” said Danielle Jackman, the shelter manager.”We do have a small air conditioner in the office, but the circulation isn’t the best.”

Because of the low air flow throughout the shelter, Jackman, shelter staff and volunteers have to take a few extra measures to keep the temperature down.

“For the rabbits, sometimes we will freeze water bottles and put them under their blankets,” said Jackman. “They will lie on it and keep cool.”

When it comes to dogs and cats, the heat can be overwhelming with a full fur coat.

“Sometimes a wet blanket or towel will help them keep cool,” said Jackman, adding that hydration is very important as well.

Jackman also has some tips for animal owners that can be implemented in their own homes.

“Make sure they have shelter to give them protection from the sun,” she said, adding that having a fan to keep air moving is key. “Obviously, make sure they have enough water to keep hydrated.”

According to the BC SPCA, animals can get muscle twitches, anxiety and can even start vomiting if they are overheated. Pets like cats and dogs don’t have sweat glands to help expel heat, so it is important to not let them get too hot.

For more information on how to keep your pets comfortable in the heat of the summer weather, visit spca.bc.ca.