Drama students Monica McPhee

Drama students Monica McPhee

Crowe Variety Show set to hit the stage

The Crowe Variety Show hits the stage Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Charles Bailey Theatre.

Crowe teachers are preparing for their musical theatre debut next week when they bring their rendition of “Glee” to the Charles Bailey Theatre.

Principal David DeRosa and his team of growing stars have delved into the teen musical television series that follow members of the William McKinley High School glee club with a performance that will kick off the seventh annual Crowe Variety Show next Thursday.

The opening act starts off with a video produced by budding videographer Eric Gonzalez before the show goes live when the “cast” rushes onto stage.

“The Variety Show’s purpose is to have some school spirit and link it to the community so the community can see what we’re up to and then it’s also a showcase of talent,” explained Jesse Bartsoff, a Grade 12 student who is sitting in the executive director chair for the first time.

“It’s for kids that want to be put up on stage to perform, it lets them get up in front of the school and sort of show off.”

Being involved in the show from start to finish has been really rewarding for Bartsoff, who wouldn’t describe himself as the most artistic student.

“I’m actually in the show this year in two different acts, which I’m a little nervous about because I’ve never acted before,” he added.

The show’s lineup includes Grade 10 pianist Dini Baller, who is qualified as a Grade 2 pianist but taught herself a Grade 10 piece,  Grade 10 opera singers Dawson Zanet and Maggie Chan, dance numbers from Steps Dance Company and Kootenay Dance Works and music from the high school’s jazz band, which was revived this year with the addition of Rossland kids keen on music.

Putting on the show that connects youth to the rest of the community is just one of the jobs done by kids in the leadership program. Students enrolled in this course are also responsible for spearheading other great events like Heat in the Street, a basketball tournament, as well as the Family Fun Fair.

Leadership instructor Terry Jones said the show has grown in popularity so much so that his panel of judges had to make some tough calls when there were 37 acts to choose from.

Jones said preparing for the annual show and watching the finished product is an annual highlight staff looks forward to.

“There’s lots of camaraderie and fun had working with the students on a different level” he said. “And watching them perform is the best.

“Those kids you have in your class are totally different when you put them on stage . . . you can see the passion they have for their talent.”

The Crowe Variety Show hits the stage Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Charles Bailey Theatre. Tickets are available at the box office for $15 per adult and $12 a student with a coupon in hand.