Both vulnerable

Both vulnerable

Play Bridge: Carrying out an end play

After going over three advanced declarer techniques, this week Warren shows the end play.

So far, we have seen three advanced declarer techniques, the cross-ruff, the dummy reversal and the trump coup. This week, we see the end play. The end play consists of eliminating a defender’s safe exit cards so he has to play a certain suit to the declarer’s benefit.

The bidding: South, with a balanced 16 HCP’s opens one No Trump. West overcalls two diamonds showing diamonds and a higher suit. This system is called DONT, disturbing opponent’s No Trump.

In direct seat, it is best to interfere giving partner a choice of two suits so, if doubled, the declarer will not be punished too badly. Interference over No Trump is not good for the No Trump opener and partner because it takes away invitational bids, it may expose the strong hand as dummy and the opponents may be unsure about sufficient stoppers.

North has eleven HCP’s which is enough for game. With a four-card major, he makes a cuebid which is game forcing Stayman. South bids hearts and North places the contract in three No Trump.

The Lead: The eight of diamonds, the fourth best of a five-card suit.

The play: Declarer wins the Jack of diamonds and cashes his spades. West shows out so declarer cashes three spades and three clubs. West pitches a heart and a diamond.

Declarer now plays a heart to the ten. West wins the Queen and is end-played. He has no spades or clubs to exit with, so he must play a heart or a diamond giving declarer his ninth trick.

Result: Three No Trump making for +600.