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Play Bridge: High level competition

"This is a hand that occurred at the Kootenay Jewel Bridge Club."

This is a hand that occurred at the Kootenay Jewel Bridge Club.

The bidding: Typically one tries to open their longest suit first. When the lower ranking suit is longer, one needs an ace above a good opening to reverse the bidding. Here West opens One Spade. South overcalls Two Hearts and West bids Three Diamonds showing at least five Diamonds and a minimum of ten points.

North jams the bidding with Five Hearts and East, perhaps too quickly, bids Six Diamonds. North, the persistent type, bids six hearts and then bids seven hearts. East and West have nowhere to go and double to get their plus.

East and West could still go to Seven Spades, but that contract will be down several tricks. East will have to ruff the opening heart lead and North will have longer trump. North will ruff in when declarer runs his diamonds and return hearts. East and West do the wise thing and double Seven Hearts.

The Lead: The King of Spades. When partner has bid two suits, you lead the suit in which you have the shorter holding against a suit contract and you lead the suit in which you have the longer holding against a No Trump contract.

The play: South ruffs the second round of spades and ruffs a diamond. He plays a heart to his Ace and ruffs another diamond. He plays the last heart in dummy to his hand and draws trump and loses the ace of clubs for down two. Five Hearts is cold with careful play. You cannot use spades or clubs as transportation to ruff diamonds in case West over-ruffs a spade ruff by declarer.

Results: Seven Hearts doubled down two for -300. Seven Diamonds is cold for +1440.  Seven Hearts is a spectacular bid. Only one pair were in slam, small or grand, so down three for -500 would have been the next to bottom score. A score of -300 rated highly.

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