Both vulnerable

Both vulnerable

Play Bridge: Rebidding a major with five

Tips and tricks for bridge players new to experienced.

In Standard American bidding, a new suit at the two-level shows either ten HCP’s, a really good nine points or ten points with distribution if a Golden fit is known to exist. It also promises a rebid.

Furthermore, a new suit at the three-level by either the opener or responder is forcing to game. When one has a misfit, one does not scramble to find a fit, one bails at the lowest level possible. Therefore, new suits are always constructive.

The bidding: South, with 12 HCP’s and five Spades, opens One Spade. North bids Two Hearts which guarantees five Hearts. Without three Spades and five Hearts, one will always have a four-card minor to bid.

South cannot rebid 2NT because he does not have a Club stopper, and he has a singleton in partner’s suit. It is only a responder’s bid of One No Trump that allows for singletons or voids because a new suit at the two-level promises 10 HCP’s as mentioned above.

South also cannot bid Three Diamonds because that is forcing to game. He therefore must choose the least objectionable lie and rebid a five-card Spade suit.

North cannot pass because his Two Heart bid promised a rebid. Therefore North bids Three Spades and South passes.

The Play: The Club King could be led, but is second choice to the singleton especially with trump control. East wins the Ace and gives West a ruff with his lowest Diamond asking for the lower ranking suit (excluding trump) back.

West ruffs and plays the Club King which East overtakes, cashes the Club Jack and exits another small diamond. West ruffs and cashes the Club Queen. The defense will get three Trump, three Clubs and one Diamond for down three and minus 300. C’est la vie.

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