North South Vulnerable

North South Vulnerable

Play Bridge: Transferring weak twos

Tips and tricks for bridge players new to experienced.

This is a system I came up with. However, one should not take a system away from this column because I actually recommend using two diamonds as either weak or Mexican.

Nevertheless, one should take away an idea. If one opens a weak two and partner has a strong hand, the contract can be wrong-sided. This means the strong hand becomes the dummy and the defense becomes easier for the opponents. Transfer weak two’s insures that the strong hand plays the contract.

This column shows how to bid against a transfer weak two. One can also use the same defense when LHO opens one notrump and RHO transfers. Bidding the transfer suit is a takeout bid.

So if one does not play transfer weak two’s, how can one improve one’s bridge success? Although weak two’s disrupt the opponents, one still must be careful in not disrupting partner.

A weak two in first or second seat may pre-empt partner and a weak two in third seat will only pre-empt the opponents. In first or second seat, a weak two should be a descriptive and lead-directive bid yet weak enough to not make a game if partner has a minimum opening.

The System: Playing transfer weak two’s, one opens two diamonds with a weak two in hearts, two hearts with a weak two in spades and two spades with a weak two in either minor.

The bidding: East opens two diamonds showing a weak two in hearts and North makes a strong takeout bid. Had East opened two hearts, North would have doubled. East jumps to five hearts to jam the bidding and to make a good sacrifice right away. North and South settle for five spades and until the opening diamond lead gets ruffed they wished they had been in six.

The Lead: 8 of diamonds. There cannot be a lot of future in a heart lead so West leads his longest side suit.

The play: East ruffs the opening lead and exits a heart. West wins the ace and plays another diamond. East ruffs and exits a heart. He makes six if the ace of hearts is led and a diamond switch is not found.

Result: 5S by South down 1 for -100.

Do You Have The Basics?

Q9: Partner leads the Ace of clubs at notrump and you have K9, which card do you play?

See column 179 at for the answer.