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Poem praises Canada’s food banks

Garth Ukrainetz shares a piece he penned as a tribute to the Edmonton Food Bank
Volunteers dedicate themselves year round supporting and helping to feed several hundred patrons at the Trail United Church food bank. Photo: Rylee Edwards

Friend of the Trail Times Garth Paul Ukrainetz, Poet Laureate of the Blackmud Creek, has kindly shared another wonderful poem he recently penned.

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This particular piece was written in tribute to the 40th Anniversary of the Edmonton food bank. However, as the Canadian poet points out, “There are many food banks in B.C. that are probably operating at maximum capacity right now.”

Garth Paul Ukrainetz is a well known Canadian poet born in the Prairies, now living in Alberta.
Garth Paul Ukrainetz is a well known Canadian poet born in the Prairies, now living in Alberta.

The Times reached out to the Edmonton food bank to let them know the paper is sharing their tribute poem.

“Regardless of any kind of Edmonton Food Bank acknowledgement, we like donors to donate and support their local food bank,” replied Tamisan Bencz-Knight, manager of strategic relationships and partnerships.

“We are all working towards the same goal of feeding people. The Trail United Church food bank along with the Salvation Army food bank are doing the same thing for members of your community,” she shared. “Those volunteers are our extended family helping us do this. Take care and thank you for helping spread the word and sharing it in your community.”

In Loving Kindness

By Garth Paul Ukrainetz

Poet Laureate of the Blackmud Creek

Be not abashed when life is tough

No shame in having need

At times the road is harsh and rough

Confused this world indeed

It’s crucial that we all reach out

In giving and receiving

To rise above the walls of doubt

Together we’re believing

We’re here to care, we’re here to share

For that’s what life’s about

In loving kindness hearts prepare

The Food Bank helping out

Copyright 2021 Garth Paul Ukrainetz

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