The Harmony Chir will be presenting a concert celebrating its 25th anniversary on SAturday at the Charles Bailey Theatre.

The Harmony Chir will be presenting a concert celebrating its 25th anniversary on SAturday at the Charles Bailey Theatre.

Silver anniversary for choir’s sweet sounds

Harmony Choir will be playing at the Charles Bailey Theatre, Trail on Saturday at 7pm.

Since 1988, the Harmony Choir has been bringing people together in song.

On Saturday, in the Charles Bailey Theatre at 7 p.m., the choir will serenade the audience by celebrating 25 years of melodies in this season’s concert finale.

Over the decades, there has been a change of faces along with a progression in harmony, but one thing remains a constant with the choir.

“You don’t have to audition or be able to read music,” said Karen Howard, 25-year member.

“All that is required is a love of music and enthusiasm for song, along with a small commitment,” she said.

Howard has always loved to sing, and jumped at the chance to join the choir in its inaugural year.

“I hadn’t had the chance to sing since high school, and I love to sing,” she said.

“The very first year was fun and big, with more members than now. Maybe because choirs in high school were still a big thing back then.

“For awhile, it was one of those things that kind of fell away, but seems to becoming popular again,” she added.

Aside from the size of the choir, the biggest change Howard has experienced over the years, has been the development in the choir’s sound.

In 1996, Audrey Bisset joined as choir director, and being a trained vocal teacher, has taught the members how to sing with proper technique, explained Howard.

“She has taught us so much,” she said.

“We are singing more interesting and challenging pieces now, because we can.”

Classical, contemporary, folk and jazz are a few of the genres of music that Bissett selects for the members to practise each season.

“In the beginning we didn’t challenge ourselves to sing, in particular, jazz,” said Howard.

“So now our sound has grown into much more than a community choir sound.”

Singing to soothe the soul is just one of the benefits a person can take from singing with the choir.

“The greatest gift in joining this choir is the camaraderie of the people,” said Howard.

“Working together week after week, you really get to know your fellow member, and with the group support, it becomes a family.”

Tickets for the spring choral fest are $15, and on sale now at the box office.

Featured guests include: Kootenay Women’s Choral; Rossland Glee Club; The Green Choir; Kootenay DanceWorks; Wind River Quartet; Maggie Chan and more.

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