‘I no longer feel safe going downtown alone,’ writes Trail man

Letter to the Editor from David Mackay

One of Trail’s homeless hunkers down in a back alley. Photo: Trail Times 2020

One of Trail’s homeless hunkers down in a back alley. Photo: Trail Times 2020

I have lived in Trail for over 40 years and have never seen such a deterioration of our downtown core.

The city used to be one of the safest places to live in the province. This is no longer true as we welcome people with addictions, mental health issues and a variety of criminal backgrounds to our town.

On a recent outing to meet friends for lunch at a downtown restaurant, I was appalled to witness drug dealing in broad daylight, people shooting up all over, and shopping carts full of possessions dominating the side streets.

During lunch I heard that one of our leading financial institutions is considering a change of location due to the numerous problems caused by substance abusers and others.

I no longer feel safe going downtown alone and seldom go there.

In addition, I know of several others who feel the same way.

Whatever happened to our Safety Task Force?

They appear to be non-existent.

In fact, since their formation a few years ago, the situation in downtown has worsened considerably. Arson is at an all-time high, theft remains rampant, overdoses are common, and a recent death from stabbing has turned our city into a nightmare!

What ever happened to the RCMP foot patrols that were promised, but short-lived?

Our city needs one or two police officers assigned to the downtown core throughout the entire day on a regular basis. The main reason for this is the location of the shelter in the heart of our city which continues to cause more and more havoc downtown and attracts more homeless to our city.

Consequently, it is crucial that our city council has its local police force returned to full strength.

This would allow proactive police action which would be more beneficial than the current reactive mode.

It is time our city leaders stepped up to the plate to do what they can in order to help solve these problems.

The chaotic situation downtown has not only cost business owners and taxpaying citizens a great deal of money, but has also hurt Trail’s reputation.

Action is needed and needed now; our future is at stake.

David Mackay,


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