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‘Is it just me?’

Letter from Robin Siddall of Warfield

By now, Canada’s 300 odd person delegation is back from COP27 held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt in the 27th annual attempt to shut down CO2 emissions and save humanity.

What bothers me are the priorities of Trudeau and the Federal Government.

Trudeau is shipping out billions and billions (your tax dollars hard at work) in the name of saving mankind.

Just today, Nov. 24, we have from the CBC: “Canada unveils new climate adaptation strategy with more than $1-billion commitment.”

And then there is the $5 billion committed to the UN’s Green Climate Fund which goes to “developing” nations (including China and India) to help them “fight climate change.”

Billions are going to ensure that you will soon not be able to buy a fossil fueled vehicle and promoting electric vehicles (trucks, cars, bikes and scooters).

Billions are going to ensure you have to build your new house with zero emissions, no more heating with fossil fuels.

Billions are going to help workers “transition” from the oil and gas industry and into installing solar panels and insulation.

I could go on but I already have in past letters.

And then I come to the health care system: quote from a Nov. 8 Global News article; “After more than two days of meeting, provincial health ministers and the federal health minister have been unable to come up with next steps on health care funding.”

I wonder if Trudeau sent 300 Federal employees to try and work things out with the provinces?

Am I the only one who has heard about the long wait times, wait three to six months to see a specialist, wait 18 months to get a scheduled operation.

And then there are those who can’t find a family doctor.

And a quote from a Financial Post article dated Nov. 10: “Canada has some of the lowest numbers of doctors, hospital beds, and medical technologies—and the longest wait times, finds a new study released today by the Fraser Institute.”

In case you haven’t guessed, the Fraser study is referring to our standing in the world.

I wonder which is killing more of us, Climate Change or a Failing Health Care System.

For me, if there is a need to save the world, Canada might be a great place to start but not with Climate Change.

From the Toronto Star: “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on his way overseas for a flurry of international meetings across four countries, starting in Cambodia.”

I guess Health Care is a little lower on his list of priorities.

CO2 has seen a straight line rise in the last 10 years, from 393 to 418 ppm.

Compared to Global temperatures which have remained basically constant for the last seven years.

Is it just me?

Robin Siddall


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