Kudos to Trail Aquatic and Leisure Centre

Letter from Deborah Shergold, Warfield

Much to my disappointment – as well as many others – our Warfield outdoor pool did not open this past summer, for reasons that we were not informed of.

I was excited to hear that the Trail Aquatic Centre was ready and willing to open up for us this fall.

I must applaud everyone who works there for the wonderful job they have done for us.

They have followed the protocol set out to the tee and I am impressed from the friendliness and support that they have provided.

A special thank you to Chris, Tammy and Brianna at the front desk.

While we are all crossing our fingers that our Warfield pool will open up next summer, we are encouraged that the Trail Aquatic Centre have their pool open for us to enjoy now.

Deborah Shergold


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