Letters should be directed to editor@trailtimes.ca. (Trail Times file image)

Letters should be directed to editor@trailtimes.ca. (Trail Times file image)

Letter: Questionable claims behind Warfield’s ‘clean energy’ plan

Letter to the Editor from Thorpe Watson

This letter is a response to The Trail Times front page article entitled “Warfield aims for 100% renewable energy transition”, Trail Times, December 11, 2019. The article contains a number of highly questionable claims such as the initiative is a “transition to clean energy” and it will “position the village to be healthier, safer, and stronger.”

The “clean energy” remark falsely suggests that the consumption of coal, oil, and natural gas (hydrocarbon fuels) produces a pollutant, carbon dioxide (“CO2”). Nothing could be further from the truth.

CO2 is a colourless, odourless gas that is as important as water, oxygen, and sunlight in sustaining life on the planet. Unfortunately, the consumption of all reserves of these hydrocarbon fuels (aka “fossil fuels”) will not materially replenish our severely depleted store of bioavailable CO2 that is now at a dangerously low level.

CO2 emissions actually contribute to the creation of a healthier environment for plant growth. Higher levels of CO2 increase crop yields by increasing growth rates and drought resistance.

Unwittingly, Warfield Council is now supporting America’s agenda to “Make America Great Again” – MAGA. Council’s decision to join the transition to “100% Renewable Energy” is one more initiative to encourage the movement of jobs to the USA. How will this make us “safer and stronger”?

The November employment statistics is a clear reflection of Canada’s support for MAGA. The USA added 266,000 jobs and decreased its unemployment rate to 3.5%, a rate not seen for decades. On the other hand, Canada lost 71,200 jobs and increased its unemployment rate to 5.9%.

As victims of climate bullying, Canadian politicians have been duped into supporting the USA’s flourishing economy by adopting anti-CO2 policies. These insane policies are driving Canadian investment and jobs not only to the USA but also to countries where coal-fired power plants are being commissioned every week (e.g. China, India).

It is tragic that Canadian politicians lack the wisdom and courage to resist the bullying by the fraudulent, climate prophets of doom. Most egregious, climate fearmongering is not only a form of bullying but it is also a form of psychological child abuse contributing to childhood anxiety disorders, depression, and even increasing suicide rates.

How soon will Warfield seniors on fixed pensions be forced to decide between heating and eating? Please be assured that the childish fantasy of CO2-induced, global warming will not reverse the declining temperatures we are now experiencing.

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thorpe Watson, PhD