Letters can be directed to editor@trailtimes.ca. (Trail Times file image)

Letters can be directed to editor@trailtimes.ca. (Trail Times file image)

Letter: Seeking advice from Warfield on carbon-neutral pledge

Letter to the Editor from Robin Siddall

I was delighted to see that Warfield is going to 100% renewables by 2050 (“Warfield aims for 100% renewable energy transition” Trail Times Dec. 11).

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It was a little disappointing that we were so slow and a full 7th on the list of local communities. I am a long term retiree so I don’t have a lot of time left to participate in this effort but in the unlikely event that this council is planning on doing something serious:

• As a first step, I have informed my wife that we will have to get rid of the Christmas lights to reduce our CO2 footprint. Can the Council let me know if I can dispose of them in our recycling box?

• Can Council let me know when the bylaw is coming that will ban the use of all fossil fueled heating sources? And can the Village recommend any suppliers of solar panels and requisite backup power storage?

• Will the Council be imposing a Village carbon tax on all residents that are unable to convert to solar and will they be using the revenues to offset the cost of the solar panels?

• Will the Council be holding hearings on rerouting the highway that goes through the middle of the Village? The CO2 pollution due to heavy transport trucks and local Rossland traffic is obviously a burden we can not bear. And will the Council hold hearings on the banning of all automobiles and lawnmowers from the Village?

• Will the Village be installing charging stations for all those e-bikes that retirees will be using to get around the Village I realize that bike lanes might be a problem in the winter but I suggest that the retirees and maintenance crew will be available for shovelling.

• If I convert my lawn to garden, does the Council have expertise that can tell me if the loss of the grass will be offset by the garden? Please note that my wife and I will be moving to a vegan diet, no meat, so as to further reduce our carbon footprint. Further, will I need carbon offsets if I cut down brush so as to avoid problems with the never-ending wildfires that are upon us?

• Can the Village tell me if there are any plans to repurpose Haley Park to tree planting? I know that most of us will need carbon offsets for one reason or another and this would be a handy place to put them. This would also eliminate those athletes who are breathing out vast quantities of CO2.

• Finally, can the Village direct me to any virtue signalling courses for seniors? I am getting older and I would like to ensure that I am up to date in this era of climate catastrophe.

In order to avoid these issues, I am thinking of moving to China, where they have no ludicrous plans to go to 100% renewables. The trip would take a lot of carbon offsets but, if I do go this route, I will leave my wife at home thus cutting my flight’s carbon footprint in half.

Robin Siddall