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Lower Columbia society not a proponent of north-south corridor

Letter to the Editor from Bill van Beek

On behalf of the Lower Columbia Community Development Team Society (LCCDTS), I am responding to the article entitled “Six-lane highway through Slocan Valley? RDCK says no to north-south corridor study” (Trail Times, Oct. 4).letter to the editor

I wish to make it clear that the LCCDTS is not the proponent of this project and, as such, has never sought the endorsement of the RDCK Board. Mirroring comments made by Joseph Hughes, who represents Nakusp on that Board, to say otherwise is a gross misrepresentation of the role and position of the LCCDTS.

The project is being promoted by an individual who is not a member of our organization. In the interest in exploring a variety of transportation options that support community economic development, the LCCDTS opted to support seeking funding for a study to evaluate the economic benefits of a low-level north-south elevation route connecting the Waneta B.C./USA border with the Trans Canada Highway.

In passing a motion to support the study, the LCCDTS recognized that vehicular transportation corridors:

• are of critical importance in geographically challenged and rural regions such as ours;

• are important for attracting and sustaining economic development;

• greatly shorten travel distance, reduce GHG, and improve safety; and

• facilitate significant operating savings for commercial carriers as well as enhancing tourism opportunities.

The findings of any study produced would be examined by the LCCDTS in light of project costs, identified economic benefits and other potential impacts on communities in the region.

Bill van Beek