“It is time for a change.” writes Rod Retzlaff. Photo: Jason Hafso/Unsplash

“It is time for a change.” writes Rod Retzlaff. Photo: Jason Hafso/Unsplash

More to Canadian life than the economy

Letter to the Editor from Ron Retzlaff of Glade

Justin Trudeau is sinking this country into an unprecedented financial hole in order to buy himself an election victory.

His explanation last year was “we are going into debt so that you won’t have to.”

Problem is, Canada’s debt is my debt. Justin Trudeau is not going to suffer to pay the money back.

My children and grandchildren will be doing that.

I may agree that we had to take on some debt to get the country through the pandemic because we were foolish and failed to set aside some money in case of a dire emergency, but adding more debt now is foolish beyond belief.

Jagmeet Singh would sink us even deeper in debt to pay for his fairy tale promises.

Erin O’Toole is pledging to get the economy “firing on all cylinders” by spending more money we don’t have to subsidize business recovery.

So none of our leaders are recognizing the problems that have now become so clearly evident.

This infatuation with constant neverending economic growth is killing us, and about to get a lot worse, but limiting our demands on the Earth’s resources is not even a consideration.

We need to reduce our population and learn to live more lightly on the land, but all our illustrious leaders can come up with is to rev up the economy and promise people a better life and way more stuff.

They don’t trust the voters to support them if they did what was really necessary to save us.

It is time for a change.

The economy is no longer paramount.

Rod Retzlaff


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