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Letters can be emailed to editor@trailtimes.ca.

Politics influencing COVID-19 decisions

Letter to the Editor from Fred Hughes, Castlegar

It is amazing, but not surprising, to see politics trump science when it comes to decisions around COVID-19.

Last fall we saw it with our current NDP government who put COVID-19 response on slow while it used precious time to gain political power and longevity.

Now we see the Trudeau Liberals take a go-it-slow approach on opening the border with our neighbours to the south.

While international travel is fine and dandy, a half hour day trip across the USA border is forbidden.

With ever-escalating thresholds being stated it appears that as soon as we reach one threshold target it gets increased.

Why can’t a person in a two person family both of whom have received both vaccine shots take a short day trip across the border while USA tourists seem to have no such restrictions?

All our USA neighbours have to state is that they are going to Alaska and they are good to come into B.C.

And of course Calgary, the Okanagan and Vancouver Island are on the direct route to Alaska.

What the Liberals are afraid of is that if they open the border and there is an uptick in cases, which will probably happen whenever the border is opened, it may cost them votes as they will be blamed for the increase.

It appears political power continues to be the top priority of our political masters.

We, of course, can show them that they work for us by kicking them out at election time this fall.

However, I am afraid that politics continues not be not about service, but power and that no party in our current political system can be expected to resist that power.

Fred Hughes


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