Bailey Theatre Facebook page.

Bailey Theatre Facebook page.

Shout out to the Bailey Theatre and Royal Theatre

Letter from Virginia Clover, Warfield

Dear Editor,

Kudos to the Bailey Theatre and the Royal Theatre for struggling to carry on in these impossible times.

The Twelve Days of Christmas email video from the Bailey staff was charming , and I encourage all your readers to Google it. (Note: Link to this video on YouTube is available at The Bailey Facebook page.)

Lisa Milne (owner Royal Theatre) and the Royal staff are doing all they can to remain alive until …

Popcorn can still be had and the movie house is open for private rentals.

Friends recently celebrated family birthdays by doing so.

The renovations are impressive, and hopefully one day soon we can all enjoy the cushy seating and surround screen while watching a movie where it was MEANT to be shown.

Until then, let’s do all we can to insure these two local entertainment institutions continue to ” hang in there.”

Virginia Clover


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