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Speak up for B.C.’s Old Growth

Letter to the Editor from Wildsight

Hi Editor,

Old growth logging continues in B.C., even though the data shows that less than three per cent of our province remains as productive old growth forest.

Most of the ancient old growth in B.C. has already gone.

If this senseless logging continues, the last of our giant trees will be lost forever, and the species that depend on them will disappear.

The solution is not complicated.

The province needs to issue a moratorium on old growth harvesting, permanently protect the highest risk ecosystems, and implement new rules for industry to maintain mature and old growth forests.

It’s time for British Columbia to protect what little old growth forests we have left.

Please take action to protect BC’s old growth.

To “Speak Up For Old Growth,” visit wildsight.ca and click the Protect BC’s Ancient Forests banner.

For the wild,

John Bergenske

Conservation Director, Wildsight

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