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The climate-change ‘rabbit hole’

Letter to the Editor from Russ Babcock, BSc, Genelle and Thorpe Watson, PhD, Warfield

A “rabbit hole” is a rabbit’s burrow but it also has the metaphorical meaning taken from Lewis Carroll’s book, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. The Bing definition of the metaphor accurately describes societies that have embraced the human-induced, global-warming narrative and the related vilification of carbon dioxide (“CO2”).

BING: The term “rabbit hole” is “used to refer to a bizarre, confusing, or nonsensical situation or environment, typically one from which it is difficult to extricate oneself”; and “he’ll continue fear-mongering to promote his agenda no matter how far down the rabbit hole it takes him.”

Here are some of the lies and deceptions that are disseminated in this climate-change rabbit hole:

“Global warming” becomes “climate change” – a deception to downplay the lack of global warming.

“CO2 emissions” are called “carbon emissions” – a deception suggesting black-soot emissions rather than emissions of a colorless, odourless gas that is an essential plant food.

CO2 is a pollutant – a lie since the planet, without this critical component of nature’s carbon cycle, would be a desert devoid of all life.

Extreme weather events are evidence of man-made climate change – a lie since the severity and frequency of these events have not increased.

Polar ice caps are melting and the sea-level increase is accelerating – deceptive use of cherry-picked data to spin fear.

CO2 is a major climate-control variable – a gross exaggeration at best. To blindly accept that climate change is all due to CO2 is naive or moronic.

Coal, oil, and natural gas (aka “fossil fuels”) are non-green fuels – a lie because they produce the CO2 that extends the Green Period of the planet.

A CO2-induced doomsday is imminent – an outrageous lie.

Too much CO2 can be generated – a lie that fails to take into account the limited reserves of fossil fuels and the vast, interconnected, atmosphere/ocean storage system.

Unfortunately, the lack of sufficient fossil-fuel reserves makes it impossible to restore the CO2-rich, ancient atmospheres. The CO2 content of today’s atmosphere and oceans is at a record low level because of the natural sequestration of CO2 to form carbonate rocks.

Furthermore, the singularly common element of all life (from viruses and bacteria to giant redwoods and human beings) is indeed carbon. To declare CO2 a pollutant is tantamount to criminal stupidity and about as anti-human as anyone can get.

In this rabbit hole of lies and deceptions, the alarmists will continue their fear-mongering, including the psychological abuse of children, to promote their many agendas no matter how far down the rabbit hole it takes them.

When will our political leaders extricate us from this rabbit hole of climate-change lies and deceptions? Failure to do so will subject us to an unworkable form of global governance and, worse yet, assure the collapse of our well-deserved, modern, industrial economy.

Russ Babcock, BSc


Thorpe Watson, PhD


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