Selkirk College, Castlegar campus. Photo: File

Selkirk College, Castlegar campus. Photo: File

The ‘secrets’ of Selkirk College

Letter to the Editor from Robert Macrae

Selkirk College, like Victoria, has secrets. Selkirk’s secrets aren’t glamorous under garments, but they’re as well-concealed.

Before reading further, be warned, “This letter reveals all.”

It’s true that Selkirk College is situated in the spectacular Upper Columbia Basin where outdoor recreation opportunities abound year round and the cost of tuition and student living are lower than at universities, especially for local students.

What is less known is Selkirk College teaches math well, in fact, really well.

Unlike universities that hire math professors to do advanced mathematical research, Selkirk College hires math instructors to teach math well.

Just like universities, Selkirk’s math instructors have masters degrees and PhDs in math, physics and engineering.

They use the same textbooks and cover the same topics.

This advantage is multiplied because Selkirk College’s first and second year math and physics courses have fewer students and there is much greater access to instructors when students need help than at larger universities.

Beyond small classes and extraordinarily skilled math instructors, Selkirk offers math tutors along with an array of outstanding student support services.

A second secret is Selkirk College has an engineering program that covers the first year of engineering with credits that transfer to engineering schools in B.C. and Alberta.

Selkirk’s engineering success rate is high.

The secret is out: Selkirk is where to start your engineering career.

These secrets are important to know for people choosing where to start their post-secondary careers.

Good math instruction, small classes, and solid student support are the foundations of success for post-secondary education programs with heavy math requirements, but you didn’t hear it from me.

Robert M. Macrae,


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