Image: Ferraro Foods Instagram page

Image: Ferraro Foods Instagram page

Trail Ferraro Foods recognized for diligence during pandemic

Letter to the Editor from Joslyn Sharp of Trail

I would like to commend Ferraro Foods for their diligence in protecting their customers and staff throughout this pandemic.

They are the only local organization I have encountered that is still keeping a designated staff person at their front door to ensure that every person who enters the store has their hands treated with an antiviral spray.

Most other business places I have entered still have a self-serve hand sanitizer dispenser but no one but Ferraro’s has anyone on the door to make sure customers’ hands are treated.

Ferraros are also to be commended on the fact that they introduced the mandatory wearing of masks inside their store weeks before our Medical Health Officer had to enforce this sensible measure.

Kudos to Walmart for following suit.

Other businesses have been like most of the rest of us and as we let down their guards after the initial period of the Covid crisis in the spring passed.

I guess our response is just human nature but my hat is off to all those like the Ferraros who have maintained a higher level of diligence despite the majority dropping their guard.

Meanwhile the Covid situation is now worse than it was in the spring.

When are the larger local storefront establishments going to step up again to ensure their customers all get their hands treated before they enter their premises?

Joslyn Sharp


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