We’re not all in this together when you work in retail

We’re not all in this together when you work in retail

Letter to the Editor from P. Adkins, Genelle

“We are all in this together” is what I keep hearing. We are not in this together when you work in retail. And here are just some of the reasons why.

I have been scolded, insulted, verbally abused, making me feel that I am dirty because:

– I touched your purchase;

– telling me this is a conspiracy;

– calling my manager and complaining;

– emailing my manager and complaining;

– getting reprimanded for the tone of my voice;

– getting mad because I am trying to help you but I am trying to keep my distance;

– getting upset waiting in line while I am working as fast as I can to keep the line moving;

– ignoring the store’s policy of customer limits, physical distance and masks;

– demanding to know what kind of sanitizing and cleaning we are doing;

– getting upset because we do not have your item in stock;

– sharing with me your dislike of other stores and their staff;

– suggesting we hire more staff like the other stores;

– no pandemic pay or CERB;

– constantly having your work schedule changed to meet the demand;

– Getting mad at each other and name calling.

Sadly, I can go on!

I know it’s hard and you’re scared, but it’s hard and we are scared too.

We have given it our best all through these difficult times.

But whomever said “we are all in this together” never worked in retail.

P. Adkins

Genelle, B.C.

Letter to the Editor