More treatment options for environmental sensitivities

More treatment options for environmental sensitivities

1. Minimize your known allergens – food and environmental

– for airborns – Consider an air filter, especially in the bedroom or cover the vents in the bedroom with special filters that filter out dust and moulds.  Another useful tool is an electrostatic furnace cleaner that will filter out most dust and moulds from the basement coming up into the house.

– for dust – Use a plastic cover on the mattress and pillow or buy a good quality dust cover for them(available at bedding shops) and remove books, rugs, stuffed animals, anything on top of the dressers, and put them in a drawer or storage chest, so, that dusting can be done easily and at least one/wk.

­­– for food – Have food allegens tested (remember scratch tests are only 10 per cent accurate for foods).  Blood and electronic testing is 80-90 per cent accurate. Do as recommended for six weeks and re-introduce as suggested.

2. Improve immune balance and adrenal function by:

– lowering physical and emotional stressors, improving your reaction patterns to stressors, establishing a regular sleep and eating pattern

3. Improve digestion and pancreatic function.

Use proper food combining. Consider using digestive aids such as bitters (eg. ginger, gentian), or pancreatic enzymes to maximize the breakdown of the foods.

4. Improve bowel function by having proper elimination daily

– Use high fiber foods such as oat bran/rice bran, veggies and fruit.

– Drink sufficient quantities of clean, pure water- approximately half your weight in ounces (so if you are 140 lbs., drink 70 oz of water or seven to eight glasses of water/day.)

5. Consider supplementing

–  Vitamin C to bowel tolerance- Make sure you are using a Vitamin C from a neutral source (like tapioca/berries) & not citrus based.  Start with quarter tsp or one capsule (1000mg) and increase byquarter tsp/one cap/day until there is too much gas/rumbling and decrease it by quarter tsp/one cap and that is what your body is using on an ongoing basis.  This is assuming normal kidney function.

–  Bioflavinoids- these help to stabilize the immune system, so, it doesn’t over-react to irritants

– B5 complex- These stabilize the adrenal gland to keep cortisol stable.  This minimizes histamine output in response to an irritant.

– Nettles- Adding nettles to stir-fries/soups and drinking it as part of your herbal tea combination will help stabilize the immune system

For those needing to have their allergies tested and a more specific treatment plan, consider an appointment with: Dr. Brenda Gill at 250-352-3150 or 250-362-5035 .

Dr. Brenda Gill is a naturopath in Rossland