East West Vulnerable

East West Vulnerable

Simple raise of a minor

The bidding:

South with 14 HCP’s and no five-card major opens his better minor meaning with 3-3 in the minors he opens one club. North, with at least the minimum six points to respond, is required to show a five-card suit or to bid his four-card suits up the line. However, he does not have any.

Support for a major is three cards while support for a minor is five cards. Showing minor support denies a four-card major. Therefore, with six to nine points, North responds two clubs.

South with a minimum passes.

The contract: Two clubs by South

The opening lead: The king of diamonds

The play: The dummy is faced and declarer plans his play. He wins the opening lead with the Ace. Seeing that he does not need to trump in the short-trump hand and he does not need trump for transportation, he draws trump. Diamond ruffs are in the long-trump hand.

Once trump are gone, declarer has to set up a side suit, spades. Defense wins a spade and returns a diamond.

Seeing that the dummy is out, West switches to a heart. Declarer wins the ace and plays another spade. Defense wins the ace and cashes their hearts.

Declarer loses two spades, two hearts and a diamond, making two clubs.

The result: Two clubs making for +90

Notes: If declarer does not draw trump before attacking spades. West will get one spade ruff and will threaten to get another. South will have to ruff the fourth spade high in dummy.

If the defense does not switch to a heart, declarer will pitch a heart on a spade.