RDKB issues evacuation alerts

RDKB issues evacuation alerts

The Boundary is preparing for more flooding later this week.

Worsening flood conditions prompted the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB) to issues evacuation alerts for nearly 250 properties in the Boundary on Monday. No properties are yet under evacuation order.

The RDKB issued the alerts on Monday for 241 properties in the Boundary, the vast majority of those in Grand Forks. The original alert included 188 properties, and an additional 53 were added later in the day.

Affected areas included: 29 properties in the Nursery area, 24 properties in the Darcy area, 65 properties in Johnson Flats, 88 properties in the Edwards-Gilpin area and 91 in Almond Gardens.

Evacuation alerts have also been issued for 47 properties between Westbridge and Beaverdell.

An alert means that residents should prepare to evacuate, thinking about the five “Ps”: people, pets, prescriptions, papers and photos. Gathering other essential items, moving what stays in your home to a higher location, making arrangements for livestock and arrnaging accomodations for your family, as well as designating a meeting point are also important.

Some properties under alert have not yet flooded, but are on alert because they risk being cut off from overland access.

“It’s imperative that residents take precautions now to protect their homes from flooding. We all have a shared responsibility in rural BC to prepare ourselves for the annual freshet and flooding that goes along with that. Our EOC staff are working closely with all agency and government partners, local elected officials and local residents and volunteers to respond quickly to any emergencies that arise.” said Chris Marsh, EOC Director.

If an evacuation order is issued, residents will be required to leave their properties.

Forecasts show water levels continuing to rise in the coming days as a combination of warm overnight temperatures and rain worsen conditions.

The RDKB is warning residents to be extremely cautious near water as currents are unpredictable and nearby ground can be unstable.

The Grand Forks Emergency Operations centre can be reached at 250-442-3628 or 1-888-747-9119. The RDKB is advising anyone with flooding issues that affect home or business to call the Provincial Emergency Reporting Line – 1-800-663-3456. All other inquiries should be directed to the RDKB Manager of Emergency Programs at 1-800-355-7352.


Area ‘C’/Christina Lake:

Christina Lake Fire and Rescue, 250-447-6611 Christina Lake Fire Hall,

Grand Forks & Area ‘D’/Rural Grand Forks:

Grand Forks Fire Rescue, 250-442-3612

Grand Forks Airport, 5980 2nd Street

Grand Forks Arena (Jack Goddard Memorial Arena), 2020 Central Avenue

Nursery Fire Hall, 490 Starchuk Road


City of Greenwood, 250-445-6644

Greenwood Public Works, 315 Fair Avenue


Village of Midway, 250-449-2222

Midway Public Works, 500 Central Avenue

Rock Creek:

RDKB, 1-800-355-7352

Rock Creek Petro Canada, 4105 Hwy 3


Jeff Sarsons, 250-446-2988 or jjsarsons@gmail.com

Westbridge Community Hall, 2935 Highway 33


Beaverdell Volunteer Fire Department, 250-801-7194

Behind Beaverdell Fire Hall, 5896 Highway 33