The general election for B.C. local government will happen Saturday, Oct. 20. (Image: Thinkstock)

The general election for B.C. local government will happen Saturday, Oct. 20. (Image: Thinkstock)

The race for Trail mayor has begun

Two in Trail; incumbents in surrounding villages and areas announce their intent to seek re-election

The race for Trail mayor has begun.

So far, a newcomer and a present city councillor have stated their intent to run for the city’s head position this fall.

Bryan DeFerro has confirmed he will seek a four-year mayoral term when the nomination period officially opens for 10 days beginning Sept. 4.

Coun. Lisa Pasin also confirmed she will run for mayor when the seat goes to election on Oct. 20, general voting day.

The Trail Times asked each soon-to-be candidate why they chose to run for the job, which carries with it a heavy commitment.

“Four years ago at the last candidates forum, one candidate stated, ‘If we don’t invest in ourselves how can we expect anyone else to,’” began DeFerro.

“As taxpayers I feel that we have more than done our part and, if elected as mayor, I will do my best to support any development that adds livability and value to the city,” DeFerro said.

“Present council has worked hard to get us to this point, but as my father more than once told me, there is always room for improvement.”

Coun. Lisa Pasin says she is ready to take the lead after learning the ropes these past four years in office.

“Looking ahead, my leadership commitment as mayor will be directed towards ensuring operational excellence and viability of our existing facilities,” Pasin said.

“(And) creating a long-term infrastructure renewal plan including roads, sidewalks and sewer, focusing on strengthening our health care network including support for seniors, and remaining committed to economic development for our city and region.”

Candidates can begin campaigning Sept. 22, one week after the nomination period closes, and continue canvassing right up until general voting day.

Elsewhere in the region, three sitting mayors have confirmed they will seek re-election.

Montrose Mayor Joe Danchuk has stated intent to run again, as he would like to see some large infrastructure projects, that are almost shelf-ready for grant applications, through to the end. Danchuk mentioned sewer treatment upgrades and much-needed repairs and re-paving on 9th Avenue as two of his directives.

“Infrastructure is always a priority for us,” he said.

Fruitvale Mayor Patricia Cecchini has confirmed she will seek a third term in office.

“Fruitvale has seen so many improvements during my two terms as mayor, but there is always more that we can achieve as a community,” Cecchini said. “I am excited about the recent acquisition of the middle school and I hope to be in a position to work with council to see this very important project through to its completion. Many people from the community have told me that they believe I add value and provide a strong voice for the best interests for Fruitvale, so I have decided to seek re-election.”

Early in the new year, Warfield Mayor Diane Langman said she would seek re-election in October.

“I love Warfield and I love my job,” Langman said. “And I love being able to think beyond Warfield at a regional level, as a director, helping to shape and plan the future of our community.”

Two women leaders in the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary – Area A Director Ali Grieve and Linda Worley, Area B director – have confirmed they will seek re-election.

“I have served the local area as a politician for the past 13 years, spanning four terms as Regional Director for Area A,” Grieve said. “With support from my family, and some good friends, I decided some time ago that I want to continue to serve our communities, and will seek re-election … Being a politician requires a lot of time away from home, either at meetings, working on projects, or spending time at community events. It takes time and hard work, but I truly enjoy the challenges and successes that come with being a rural representative.”

Director Worley said, “Yes, I will be running again as I am in the middle of a lot of work in, and for, Area B.”