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2023 starts with calls up for Trail RCMP assistance

Stats show detachment calls at 1,324; last year the number stood at 1,163
“No one was injured during this event despite it being a high-risk situation for all involved,” says Sgt. Wicentowich referring to a high-rope rescue near the Trail hospital Easter Sunday. Photo: Trail RCMP

The first quarter of 2023 — from January to March — saw an increase of 161 calls to the Trail RCMP compared to the same time frame in 2022.

Statistics show the detachment with 1,324 calls on record. Last year the number stood at 1,163.

Broken down, the Trail RCMP reports: a rise in break and enters from five to 14; attempted homicide up from zero to one; property-related and help with “person” calls were up 26; and unspecified assistance calls increased from 102 to 227. The latter number reflects more calls to police for help with non-criminal related matters such as well-being checks and “suspicious” persons sightings.

Interestingly, the detachment reports that drug investigations dropped from 22 to nine (-13). The Trail RCMP notes this number drop is more a reflection of the new drug decriminalization policy enacted in B.C., rather than actual decreased illicit drug use. As of Jan. 31, adults 18 and older in B.C. are not subject to criminal charges for the possession of a cumulative total of up to 2.5 grams of certain otherwise-illegal drugs for personal use: opioids, including fentanyl and heroin; crack and powder cocaine; methamphetamine; and MDMA (ecstasy).

Impaired driving

While on routine patrol in Warfield last Sunday, a RCMP officer allegedly observed a driver leaving a licenced establishment on Schofield Highway. The officer allegedly made observations that led him to suspect he man’s ability to drive was impaired by alcohol.

The officer pulled the driver over, a 60-year old Trail man. Police report that the man’s breath sample resulted in a “warn.”

As a result the driver was issued an immediate seven-day roadside prohibition.

Woman in distress

Police are shedding more light on a rope rescue near the Trail hospital Easter Sunday that had first responders working together for a positive outcome.

That morning, Trail RCMP and regional firefighters attended to a distraught woman on the Trail bluffs near 1200 Hospital Bench Road.

Officers used verbal de-escalation techniques to talk to the woman off the edge of a cliff and back to a safe area. Police were able to safely close the distance between them and the woman as the conversation continued. Officers were able to get close enough to physically prevent the woman from jumping from the cliff.

Once safely secured, members of the Trail Technical Rescue team from Station 374 Trail extracted the woman off the rocky cliff using high rope rescue techniques. The RCMP escorted the woman to the hospital for medical treatment.

“My officers approached this situation with a good plan, used de-escalation techniques appropriately, and put themselves at risk to safely apprehend the distressed woman,” says Sgt. Mike Wicentowich. “We would like to thank Kootenay Boundary fire rescue for their assistance in extracting the woman to safety. No one was injured during this event despite it being a high-risk situation for all involved.”

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