Area A Director Ali Grieve

Area A Director Ali Grieve

Acclaimed Area A director thankful for continued confidence

“Most importantly, I will always listen to constituents,” writes Ali Grieve.

I am grateful to the residents of Area A for their continued confidence in me.

As the Director for Area A, I remain a committed participant in local government.

During my previous terms in office, I know that I have made a difference to local residents via projects, grants and recreational assets. I will to continue to represent constituent interests and needs.

As an experienced politician, I know how to ask tough questions, make difficult decisions and challenge the status quo.

I am intentional when looking for more efficient ways to deliver services.

I am very intentional about not living in the past, while keeping the past as a reference for lessons learned. I focus on the future, poised to respond to new opportunities, and I stay current on the issues and challenges that our diverse communities face.

I will work hard to collaborate with all communities, as we seek solutions to common problems.

In the coming term, my priorities will be: the Fruitvale and District water system; completion of the Train Station/Museum, funded by grants and Area A dam revenues; policy and zoning changes that advance housing needs; seeking environmental best practices; promoting better understanding of the rights of Indigenous People; and responding to Area A/Beaver Valley needs as they arise.

Most importantly, I will always listen to constituents.

Please vote in the municipal elections. When you vote, your values are put into action and your voices are heard. Your voice and your vote are reminders that you matter — because you do.

You deserve to be heard.

A reminder to Area A folks to visit the polls as you select your school district reps — you still get to go vote!

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