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Alcohol-related offences rise with Trail temperatures

120 calls into the Trail and Greater District RCMP the past two weekends

Warm weather and booze played part and parcel in the swamping of calls to the Trail RCMP these past few weeks.

According to the latest briefs from Cpl. Devon Reid, many of those involved impairment of some sort, leading to reports of public disturbances as well as drunk driving charges.

“Trail RCMP have noted a significant increase in recent calls for service regarding persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances that were causing a disturbance in public areas such as businesses and local parks,” Cpl. Reid reported.

“Police suspect that the increase is likely due to the heat causing people to leave their residences when they normally would not,” he said.

“Several of these people were so intoxicated when located by police, that they had to be held until they were sober enough to prevent them from being a danger to themselves.”

Topping those types of cases and stepped up roadside checks, were 120 calls for service Saturday through Monday the last two consecutive weekends, 70 of those over August long.

The last weekend of July police set up road blocks in different locales, resulting in one 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition for a driver found to be under the influence of alcohol. Another driver was issued a 24-hour licence suspension for allegedly being under the influence of illicit drugs. Reid says officers also wrote up several minor traffic violation tickets.

“Again, (over August long weekend), several checks stops were conducted in various locations,” he said.

One driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol and issued a 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition and another was given a 24-hour licence suspension for being under the influence of alcohol.

“Several minor traffic violations were also dealt with at the various check stops,” Reid added. “Trail RCMP would like to remind drivers to arrange a safe ride home prior to consuming alcohol.”

More briefs:

• July 29, Trail RCMP received a report of an assault with a weapon in Trail. Both parties involved claimed they were sprayed with bear spray by the other party. The investigation is ongoing, but Reid says, “Trail RCMP feel that there is no risk to the public as the parties were well known to each other.”

• July 30, Trail RCMP member was driving an unmarked police car on Highway 3B when the vehicle in front of the officer crossed the centre line, narrowly avoiding a head-on collision. The vehicle was pulled over and open alcohol was found in the passenger seat. The driver provided roadside breath samples and was issued a 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition and the vehicle was impounded.

• Aug. 1, a female was located wandering in and out of traffic in downtown Trail. Reid says she was obviously confused and taken to hospital for assessment. “This female has been the subject of numerous complaints to the Trail RCMP from local businesses due to her disruptive behaviour,” he explained. “The female was held for medical assessment as police determined that her behaviour was not criminal in nature.”

• Aug. 2, a female, 32, with outstanding warrants on several Trail RCMP files dating back to January 2019, was located and arrested. She was believed to be actively avoiding apprehension by police for several months. The woman was remanded in custody for court in Grand Forks on Aug. 6 on charges of theft, assault causing bodily harm, and failing to attend court.

• Trail RCMP have been called to several files where pets or children were left unattended in vehicles while the driver went into a business. In this hot weather, the detachment reminds residents that even a few minutes in a hot vehicle can be lethal to both pets and people. Police advise, “Please do not leave your pets or family members in a hot car without the air conditioning running.”

• Trail RCMP continue to see an increase in theft from vehicles. In almost every case, the vehicles were not locked and valuables were left in plain sight. The detachment reminds the public to lock all vehicles and remove any items of value such as wallets, purses and portable electronics, as this is proven to reduce the number of thefts by opportunistic thieves. Trail RCMP have identified several suspects in this rash of thefts and will continue to investigate, Reid concluded. “Charges are pending against two separate individuals for possession of stolen property and theft in relation to recent theft from vehicle occurrences.”

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