The Alpine Grind has expanded its operations outside. Photo: Alpine Grind website

The Alpine Grind has expanded its operations outside. Photo: Alpine Grind website

Alpine Grind in Rossland expands operations with outdoor patio

The patio can accommodate up to 20 more people with physical distancing measures

The Alpine Grind in Rossland has increased its operations space with a new outdoor patio.

The patio space opened approximately five weeks ago and will be able to increase the coffee shop’s occupancy limit from around 40 to 60 people when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Restaurant owner John Snelgrove said two people helped to make the project a reality.

“My landlord Andy Talbot and my wife Shelly Ackerman helped to complete the project,” said Snelgrove.

“They got a crew to help put it together over a five-day period in June.”

After the patio was finished, it still took a week to order and install furniture before it could be opened to the public.

Snelgrove said the COVID-19 crisis was one reason for him to build the patio.

“Talbot and Ackerman have been planning this for two-to-three years, and I was always the person who was the least gung-ho with it,” said Snelgrove.

“However, we knew that we were going to lose most of our indoor seating due to COVID-19. So, we realized we needed an outdoor place for our customers and that’s what convinced me to build it.”

While only 14 people are currently allowed to sit inside the coffee shop, the patio can accommodate 20 people outside with physical distancing measures.

The patio is an impressive 7-by-9 metres and it will be open from late April to early October on a yearly basis.

A 7-metre-long church pew was also recently put along the front of the coffee shop, which can accommodate three or four people who are spread apart.

“The Red Roof Church located near us was doing a big renovation on their building and they needed to move their church pews,” said Snelgrove.

“They were selling them off so I bought one. It’s just a nice place to sit under the shade of the awning.”

The coffee has adjusted its hours during the COVID-19 crisis and is now open from Monday to Saturday between 7:30 a.m and 2:30 p.m..

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