Changes big and small coming to TMC

A re-design of the front entrance drop off points, a Kindergym and new dressing rooms are planned for the TMC this fall.

Upgrades coming to the Trail Memorial Centre this fall.

Upgrades coming to the Trail Memorial Centre this fall.

Changes big and small are coming to the Trail Memorial Centre (TMC) this fall.

After a number of go-arounds, eight in all, Trail council approved a $38,000 budget for re-design and tender work of the drop-off sites in front of the TMC’s.

The final option includes moving the drop off location closer to the front entrance, thereby lessening the slope to exit a vehicle while providing a quick and level access to the existing sidewalk.

The project was considered a priority after event attendees including Smoke Eater fans reported difficulty accessing the building after the facility’s reconfiguration to improve pedestrian and vehicular safety back in 2013.

The project is expected to completed this fall and the costs part of the city’s five-year financial plan.

Another add-on is coming in the fall, this time for the little ones .

A Kindergym will be hosted free of charge in the Cominco gym this October, after council agreed to a service agreement with Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL). The Kindergym provides a playground-type setting over the late fall and winter months, for children ages six month to five years.

Until now, the program has run through Trail parks and recreation for a nominal fee, $2.50, with parents having the option to either register for the session or pay a drop in fee.

Partnering with CBAL means there will no longer be a user charge, the group has a mandate to provide free services to the community, and staffing for the Tuesday operation is no longer the city’s responsibility.

Trail council approved another no-cost TMC upgrade this one for teenagers on ice.

The committee authorized the use of surplus space in the Trail Memorial Centre for construction of dressing rooms for the Major Midget Hockey Program (MMHP) on the condition that the MMHP be responsible for all of the costs associated with the project.

Additionally, the group will be the responsible financial party to any contract that may be awarded for construction and must ensure the project in completed in accordance with plans that fully comply with the BC Building Code and any other relevant regulations.

However, as a condition of proceeding, the city must approve all final plans and drawings prior to construction.

As an alternative solution, council agreed to consider the utilization of portable dressing rooms on the condition that the MMHP be responsible for all costs associated with acquisition and installation of the units.