City alters criteria for civic reception

Pioneers, seniors, native sons and daughters to be honoured Thursday

Recognized for their contribution to building a future for the younger generation today, Trail seniors will be honoured at an annual civic reception this week.

“It’s something that we believe is the right thing to do, to honour those particular people – the pioneers, old timers and the native sons and daughters,” said Trail councillor Robert Cacchioni, who hopes more residents will partake in the event now that the city has changed its qualifications.

Those who are 65 years or older, a resident of Trail for over 40 years and currently living in Trail are invited to the free tea, hosted by the Trail Eagles Ladies Auxiliary this Thursday.

Previously the city asked that only individuals over 70 years old, who’ve lived in Trail for 45 years, turn up for the social outing.

Seniors can expect to reunite with some of Trail’s former movers and shakers.

Prior to his retirement in 1984, Marc Marcolin was involved in the development of

Teck’s electronic materials business, became president of this division and was in charge of the modernization of the industrial complex.

The freeman of the city was also involved in setting up and operating the Community Economic Action Committee, the Community Futures Society and the Business Development Centre until he was elected mayor of Trail in 1987.

Born in Trail on May 23, 1920, Buddy DeVito is one of the remaining pioneers from his time.

DeVito recently released his memoir, “A Radical Life,” which chronicles his rise to power in Trail, first as president of the Canadian Legion and later as alderman and mayor, which he served from 1968-1974.

“The whole town was really built by these people, they’re the ones who had the businesses, they’re the ones who worked in the factories and smelter and everything else and basically built this town and the facilities that we enjoy today,” said Cacchioni, who will qualify as a native son when he turns 65 next year. “They enjoy the fact they are welcomed by the city and that they’re valued.”

Along with sandwiches, tea or coffee, seniors will enjoy entertainment by North of 60 from 1-3 p.m. at the Cominco Gym.

The annual event dates back to 1976, the 75th anniversary of the city’s incorporation.

“From a historical perspective, the civic reception is a way in which the city can honour those members of our community who have remained here and who have played a role in shaping the culture we currently know it to be,” said Sarah Benson of the Trail Historical Society. “It means our long-time residents can feel honoured and appreciated for their many years of contributing to our community.”

Residents who fit the city’s qualifications are also encouraged to get their name on the city’s official pioneer list by contacting administrator Sandy Lucchini at 364-0809.