The traffic signs would look similar to this. Photo: City of Rossland

The traffic signs would look similar to this. Photo: City of Rossland

City of Rossland looks to install new traffic signs, data collector along streets

The data collector would cost the city at least $8,000

Rossland city council has directed staff to look into installing new traffic signs and a traffic data collector (TDA) along some of the city’s streets.

According to a report by city manager of operations Scott Lamont, the signs would be put on the center line in the middle of the road around schools, crosswalks and high-traffic residential areas.Vehicles would be expected to slow down with the road narrowing to 3.3 metres around the signs.

The signs would be removed each winter to help with snow removal and road repairs and they would be re-installed each spring.

The TDA would cost the city at least $8,000 and would be put in various areas around the city to determine where speeding is an issue. Information the device would collect includes the amount of traffic,the average speed and the times that vehicles are driving along a street.

Mayor Kathy Moore has some ideas of where the TDA could be installed.

“Some of the areas where I’d like to see the TDA installed include Washington Street, Spokane Street and Washington Ave. I think these streets would be our priorities,” said Moore.

“The TDA will give us an idea around how much motorists are travelling over the speed limit and will help us determine if or if it’s not an issue.”

City staff would then look at introducing traffic calming measures like speed bumps where speeding was detected to be the worst.

City council has already made a number of safety improve for motorists along Thompson Avenue.

City staff will provide more information to council around where the TDA and signs should be installed at a future meeting.

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