City of Rossland is changing its work practices to reduce its staff’s chance of exposure to COVID-19. File photo

City of Rossland is changing its work practices to reduce its staff’s chance of exposure to COVID-19. File photo

City of Rossland moves to limit staff exposure to COVID-19, focus on core service

More will work from home, split shifts to reduce contact

The City of Rossland is making further changes to its operations and services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

More municipal workers will be working from home or working in ways to minimize human-to-human contact.

The province’s declaration of a Public Health and Provincial State of Emergency on Tuesday, March 17, “have resulted in the City needing to further actively plan and adjust its current operations,” a release said on Friday, March 20.

That means, starting next week, the city says it will only focus on providing “core services”.

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“[T]hat includes the operations and maintenance of current assets and utility infrastructure (including garbage and recycling services) and general corporate, planning and development and financial services will be the primary focus,” a release from the city said.

“The City’s Public Works and Operational crews will be split into two shifts starting next week in order to help ensure the City has operational redundancy when/where applicable and increase internal social distancing measures by minimize human-to-human contact,” it continues.

City Hall staff will be transitioning to remote work locations when or where operationally applicable.

A core group of staff will be remaining “on site” at the temporary location on Leroi Avenue in order to conduct core corporate/planning & development/financial services, respond to emergency events and participate or conduct emergency operations when or where required (the City has been receiving information and updates from both provincial and regional emergency response partners).

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Additional spacing of current workstations and/or varied working hours for these staff members will also be initiated.

The city may be required to change or alter the services according to further direction from the federal and provincial governments, the release notes.

Those looking for further information on these temporary actions and initiatives can contact City Hall at 250-362-7396 to be re-directed appropriately.

“We apologize for any inconvenience these necessary short-term undertakings may cause to either residents and/or visitors to our City,” the release concludes.

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