City of Trail awards tender for landscaping during second leg of downtown plan

Sierra Landscaping from Winfield bid almost $590,000 to tender the 2nd leg of work that includes planting, new irrigation systems and more

Although local contractors expressed interest in landscaping the city during Phase 2 of Trail’s revitalization plan, only one bid was received for the half million dollar-plus project, according to a city memo read during Monday’s governance and operations committee (GOC) meeting at city hall.

Sierra Landscaping from Winfield bid almost $590,000 to tender the second leg of work that includes planting, new irrigation systems, and installation of foundations for future custom elements such as gateways and kiosks.

During the GOC, members of Trail council set about re-balancing a $327,000 shortfall in this year’s $615,000 budget earmarked to cover Phase 2 components.

Trail council already opted out of a $135,000 major gateway feature at the East end of town during budget talks earlier this year in an effort to slash 2014 capital costs.

But with project expenses still exceeding the budget, Trail council agreed to defer $205,000 in streetscape components including a $120,000 major gateway at the West end of town, a mini gateway and information kiosk estimated to cost $57,000 and $8,000 worth of site furniture.

“I see the gateways as nice to have but not a must have,” said Coun. Gord DeRosa.

“We are getting into a bit of a bind financially folks and I think this is a year of a new council coming in and they are going to be facing some pretty steep hills here.”

After project deferrals, the overall shortfall for Phase 2 is about $123,000, and an amount council agreed to pull from the city’s surplus funds account.

“If the new council wants a gateway then they can make that decision,” added DeRosa.

The primary focus of this stage of the downtown revitalization is landscaping the Victoria Street corridor, and planting around the Gulch Plaza parking area.

The plan includes planting maples along the stretch of Victoria Street between Bay and Cedar avenues to add visual impact, detail at the pedestrian level, and screen the parking lot adjacent to the Trail Memorial Centre.

Additionally, sustainable grasses, perennials and flowering ornamental trees will be planted in the Gerick Cycle & Sports plaza on Rossland Avenue, at the intersection near the bottom of Glover Road and at the front entrance of the Trail Memorial Centre.